Calling all foods to Hawaiʻi

The future of food and agriculture innovation in Hawaiʻi.
Founded on Oahu in 2016, Hui Na Mea Aiʻ Hawaiʻi is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the necessary knowledge & capabilities to help transform Hawaiʻi into a global leader in agriculture technology and culinary innovation, and share the beauty of our unique food and culture with the world.

A Global Hub for Innovation & Education

Led by a coalition of Hawaiʻi’s top business, education & community leaders, our mission is to provide a platform to educate and inspire the next generation of farmers & agri-preneurs, attract new talent and help make Hawaiʻi a global hub for agriculture technology and culinary innovation.


Hawaiʻi could create more than 2,300 jobs if we replaced 10% of food imports with locally produced goods.”

US Department of Agriculture

A Campus & Complete Agribusiness Cluster

Hawaiʻi is home to rich, indigenous and ethnic food cultures and favorite products that can’t be found anywhere else. We believe it’s our time to transform Hawaiʻi by creating a global model for food production, and a major agri-innovation cluster & education destination for the State.